Travel by Ramp Van

Dr. Mackenzie’s Travel Tips

The last decade, Dr. Chip Mackenzie has done a great deal of travelling using a power chair in a ramp van.

Ramp Van

Some of the things he has learned:

1. Be careful when making reservations.  It is best to make your reservation directly with the hotel to ensure you get the handicapped accessible room with roll-in shower.  There are new federal laws to ensure you get the handicapped room if you are going to a convention.

2. Be prepared for van problems.  I always carry my manual wheelchair in case the van breaks down and it is necessary to be transported to your hotel by taxi.

3. Always secure the power chair.  I found that a seat belt around the power chair was an easy way to secure it.

4. Remember that travel is tiring.  On a  trip to Chicago, I tried to stand after a 5 hr trip and did not have the strength to stand.  Two hotel employees helped me to my chair.